Baytown’s City Council will meet tonight, and the report of the findings and recommendations of the Animal Control Advisory Committee is on the agenda. The shelter is still under investigation by the Harris County DA for allegations of prior animal cruelty.

Citizens plan to convene again at 6:30 p.m. at tonight’s meeting in order to continue to peacefully urge reforms at the local shelter. Many have expressed dissatisfaction with continued problems there.

Concerned Citizens for Change at Baytown Animal Control posted the following to their facebook page:

‘FOR THE LOVE OF SAMMY’, a rescue from the Baytown Animal Shelter.

Sammy was one of the lucky ones that was rescued from the Baytown Animal Shelter. Other animals are not so lucky. Read Sammy’s story on our page. We need support from the Baytown Community to make it clear to City Hall that the citizens of Baytown will no longer tolerate the conditions at the shelter and something needs to be done now. To date over 3,000 animals have been euthanized at the Baytown Shelter. The shelter is still under investigation for PAST animal cruelty with the Harris County DA. Injured animals receive NO medical care, and NO pain medication. Animals are being adopted out, sick, with kennel cough. The shelter is under staffed and hours of operation are limited A volunteer program was to be in place almost a year ago and it has not been. We need help from the Baytown Community. It seems the mindset of the city is it is cheaper to euthanize animals than to work with volunteers and rescuers to help get adoptable animals out of the shelter. The shelter could have a 90% save rate if they would just listen and work with us. Baytown has people that want to help and donate to make the shelter a better place. We just have to get City Hall on board. It is a common sense fix.

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